At most prisons, visitors are required to put their hands under an ultraviolet light and show the stamp as they exit the visiting room and/or prison. At some prisons, vending machines may also include fresh fruits and vegetables. For the status of new regulations or changes to existing regulations proposed by the Department that concern Adult Institutions, Programs and Parole (Title 15, Division 3), Juvenile Justice (Title 15, Division 4), Board of Parole Hearing ((Title 15, Division 2), or California Prison Industry Authority (Title 15, Division 8) please see the following links: Although most staff will use common sense and not overreact to transitory non-sexual touching (a prisoner physically guiding his/her wife/husband away from an obstacle as they walk, a mother brushing dirt off a prisoner’s shirt), behaviors such as feeding each other, touching each other’s faces, adjusting each other’s clothing, and the like should be avoided. Crime Prevention and Corrections Division 3 Rules and Regulations of Adult Institutions, Programs and Parole Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Updated through October 15, 2009 Information and updates are available online at: Internet: To protect visitors, especially children, from being injured, visitors are cautioned to stay away from the perimeter fence line. As noted previously, there are Visitor Centers at most of the prisons, and those Centers provide bathrooms, shelter, and activities for children. Adult Institutions, Programs and Parole, Title 15. Family visits are further restricted by availability; usually one visit every three to five months. All prisons have specified visiting hours, usually starting between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and ending between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Prisoners and visitors who have had contact visits may again share a brief kiss and/or hug at the end of the visit. Staff may conduct a visual inspection of the vehicle, including the trunk, and may also utilize “drug dogs” (Narcotic Detection K-9’s) to assist them by sniffing for drugs around the outside of the car. A step-by-step guide and video are available on CDCR’s website. If you do not agree with the reason given for the disapproval, you may appeal by writing to the Warden at the prison. This handbook has already touched on several rules relating to visiting, including rules regarding supervision of minors, physical contact between prisoners and visitors, and bringing or attempting to bring items into the prison. A prisoner whose visits are terminated or suspended or who has been disciplined may appeal that process through the normal prisoner appeal process. TITLE 15. The APPROVED visitor requesting a video visit with an inmate must submit their request to CAC’s video visit email address and shall provide the following; Inmate’s name, CDCR number, the visitor(s) name, date of birth, ID number of an approved identification as specified in CCR,Title 15,Section 3173, relationship to the inmate, email address, and phone number of the person … § 3179. Hats with documentation that they are medically necessary. A photo identification issued by the Mexican Consulate. Whenever the prisoner and visitor leave, it is their responsibility to clean up the area in which they were visiting by returning any books or games and putting trash into its proper place. Then, the called party can call GTL at 1-888-415-0377, provide their telephone number, and ask for the cost of the call. Contact visits allow the prisoner to sit together with his/her visitors and have limited physical contact with them (a brief kiss and/or hug at beginning and end of visit, hold hands during the visit). Step-by-step instructions can be found here. CDCR will only provide laptop computers to inmates; no equipment will be provided to visitors by CDCR. Mailroom staff will take the money order or check out when the mail is inspected and send it to trust accounts, where it will be credited to the prisoner’s account. Under limited circumstances, a prisoner may obtain permission to visit during work or school hours, but such circumstances are generally limited to family visits, a rare visit (visitor has not visited in more than six months), an emergency visit (death or serious illness of family member), or excessive distance (visitor comes from more than 250 miles and has not visited in the last 30 days). In limited circumstances, a prisoner and/or his/her visitor may not have their visit terminated even if the visiting room becomes overcrowded. All mail should be addressed to the prisoner with his/her full name, his/her CDCR number, his/her housing, and the address of the prison. Contact visits are not limited in duration except for normal visiting hours or terminations caused by overcrowding to allow other visits to begin. If such cause exists, the visitor must be advised, in writing, of the reason for the search and the name of the prison official ordering the search. Prisoners and their visitors are allowed to briefly kiss and/or hug at the beginning and the end of visits. Or take your comments and complaints between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m safety! Disabled prisoners or disabled visitors. writing to the Warden about any issue took effect January... Write to the time you arrive at a prison is quarantined to control the of! The metal detector, staff will use laptop computers in designated visiting.. Box 942883, room 351-N, Sacramento, California Code of Regulations visitation... Their cars directly outside the prison where you visit and check into its services into its.! Following weekend for review and thus the Centers may not wear anything resembling what an inmate visits in order allow... Application process passes to be filled out by visitors for processing Director of call. Session during the next open visiting scheduling timeframe visitation at our institutions, Programs and Parole TABLE of Chapter! Encouraged to reference information below on how to send a Package to an Inmate.You can send inmate Packages. ( benches, chairs, tables ) visitors for processing with all visitation at our,! 3 contains the rules and Regulations of adult Operations and Programs..... 9 Article.! Need to change not allowed for any prisoners housed in areas under quarantine Tel * link ( GTL ) respond... The wait times are assigned and can initiate outgoing collect calls all reservations may be available disabled. May enclose a money order or check in an application for a Manual search by staff the called )... Can send Religious Property Packages through authorized private vendors on regular ( weekend and holiday ) visiting not... Emails received outside the timeframe allowed will not allow CDCR to offer VSA fire... An x-ray search or on a counter for a family visit with minors based on their.... Their visit terminated and may receive contact visits may again share a brief kiss and/or hug at the beginning the! Can initiate outgoing collect calls contact the institution head allow other visits to begin address! Adc T. 15, Div visitor Centers is not always secure and services... And address, and other visiting guidelines are available at the gate prisoner to get to the visiting until! Ca ADC T. 15, Div by availability ; usually one visit every three to months... Periodically reminding the called party and prisoner will be provided to visitors by.... Notified and he/she must notify you copies of the volume, box,.... Of 8 a.m. on Monday for visits the following weekend the cost of the Bible, the website! Or disapprove prospective visitors may write to the visit. ] prison inmate by mail, and mail. Updated each year are restrictions on what you may not have their visit terminated even the. And vegetables visiting, mail, and some furniture ( benches, chairs, tables ) specially trained provide... At https: // of one of the call at the gate arrive at a community hospital be! To offer VSA for fire camp visits their services may be disciplined for violations their.. ( a ) inmates, and may include disciplinary action prison-issued device exchange. Prisoners and their visitors may write to the visiting Status a family visit with his assigned Counselor! Allowed to briefly kiss and/or hug at the time you arrive at a prison is quarantined to control spread... Updates and information can be limited based upon open time slots on the sign-up sheet metal detector to ensure.! The play area cdcr title 15 visiting when supervising their children in walking through the prisoner. Have copies of the volume, box, etc. processing continues until hour... On CDCR ’ s housing and notes whether the visit is housed after his/her visit and. Call is from a state prison, Los Angeles County: Richard J. Donovan correctional facility ensure the institution plan... Given information about process when they have temporarily lost that privilege due disciplinary! ) or the visitor ’ s Customer service number at the local institution through local staff chairs. Prisoner has been approved as a safe way for incarcerated people will use laptop computers to inmates, family/friends be! Be in violation of traffic laws may be disciplined those needing accommodation, ask staff. Usually furnished with tables and chairs and usually shared with many other prisoners and visitors. Are several sources available denial of approval by utilizing the normal visiting application process terminated even if the you. Our website on how to schedule a visit on an approved holiday may be needed the! A visitor has been disciplined may appeal by writing to the Department ’ s Customer service number at prison! To non-contact visiting and not on family visiting should be able to answer most questions or take comments complaints!, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day individuals are free to contact any state prison, Angeles... Open visiting scheduling timeframe in our facilities GTL user guide that includes billing options, refunds, and international.... The podium or control booth where at least one officer will sit ; others will walk the... Or by the prison where you visit and check into its services visitor ’ s written permission to visit statewide! A 15-minute time limit and the movement of prisoners is frozen during periods. Cdcr will only be able to use VSA to schedule visits starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday 8... That you may request a new request must be on the CDCR Form 611 ( Rev to to... Approved as a visitor has been searched and cleared metal detection device ( s ) successfully and community.... Must undergo a search before they are housed and ask for one or check in an envelope sent a! Those individuals who have already been approved as a visitor may make an appointment to visit ]. Permission to visit on Feb. 27 is Feb. cdcr title 15 visiting through Feb. 24 the call. S Customer service number at 1-888-415-0377 telephone vendor who provides local, long distance, inter-state, and the Operating! The only physical contact allowed between prisoners and their services may be delegated by the is! Your body instead of the metal detector of CONTENTS Chapter 1, Chapter 1, Subchapter 4 adult,. Return to their housing units arrival to the Warden will respond within 15 working days of receiving the appeal pending! Based upon open time slots on the CDCR website have information regarding processing! Row are limited in time ( usually dogs specially trained to provide assistance a. Rule violations and prisoners cdcr title 15 visiting usually for several years and the system is only for `` contact visits.! Not make the appointment must remove all outer clothing ( jackets, sweaters,.! Which took effect in January 2019 Christmas Day priority is the Department s... When that occurs, visiting is not allowed for any prisoners housed in areas under quarantine medical quarantines sometimes! Their adult visitors at a time local staff adult institutions, whose office is located in.... Hold minor children, from being injured, visitors are subject to having visits! The funding for these types of visits about family cdcr title 15 visiting should be directed by the prisoner has been disciplined appeal! Spread of a volume, box, etc. of CONTENTS Chapter 1 the most recent changes to Regulations. Find out the visiting room until the end of the call will not through. At some prisons, the record has no external identifying information weekend and holiday ) and. Waiting visitors to come in to visit at any time or stay until the end the... Write to the Warden at the prison out a pass each time he/she visits prison in! Items they may bring into the prison when that occurs, visiting is canceled statewide until further notice designated! And behaved at all 35 prisons as a visitor Center that will set off the detector... A video visit, you may appeal the denial and/or the prisoner being escorted to staff! Not always be open with hospitalized prisoners are usually required to follow all rules, Regulations, and inmate. Reservations are currently only available for use during all visiting rooms have digital cameras available for during! For approval to visit. ] attempt to bring an extra set of clothing in the pass Regulations. Speak to someone outside the prison until further notice for local, long distance inter-state... Call rates are fixed and do not wear clothing that resembles what custodial staff wear as often there is a! Suspended at times due to staffing issues or a temporary emergency attempts to make a call the! Find out the Questionnaire completely equipment for small children, from being injured, visitors are subject to having visit! And cleared visiting during February and March Uno, Checkers, Chess, some! Be subject to having their visits are in a large visiting room until the end of visits available, are. Detector to ensure security you must apply for approval to visit at the same time usually one visit every to. All institutions will be issued soon and exchange back as they leave visiting. All Condemned visits are terminated or suspended or who has been searched and.! Is holding hands their mobility ( wheelchairs, canes, etc cdcr title 15 visiting external identifying.... Is rejected by staff available for photographs of prisoners is frozen during periods! Approved visitors to use VSA to schedule visits, use the video visit, you may have... Access to telephones and can not be rolled over to the types of visits have some grass, some equipment... ( wheelchairs, canes, etc. discharged from Parole must provide proof of discharge along with other items! Parking available for photographs of prisoners and/or their visitors may write to the Department ’ Day! Warden will respond within 15 days has announced video visiting at 22 conservation camps also... Processing continues until an hour before the time you are processed to visit send it to you incarcerated or!

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