The first 2 miles of West Baldy cut through a series of wide alpine meadows and follow the West Fork of the Little Colorado River, which is dotted with beaver dams. But it’s more famous for being one of the most sacred mountains to the Apache of Arizona. Additions and CorrectionsPost an Addition or Correction. Check with the forest ranger offices for latest conditions. From the junction of AZ 260 and AZ 273 (east of McNary), the trailhead is 10 miles southeast on AZ 273, which becomes Forest Road 113. The junction from Mt. Directions: From Springerville/Eager in eastern AZ, drive west on Highway 260 for 4-5 miles, then turn south towards Big Lake on Highway 261 (near mile marker 393). Unfortunately, the Mt. Mt Baldy Snow Forecast built at 05:40, next update at 09:00. The actual snow depth in Mt Baldy, on any given trail or itinerary, may be dramatically different, particularly if the snowfall is accompanied by high winds and/or varying air temperatures. The campground is a perfect spot to relax after a day's ride. Mount Baldy (Arizona) Weather (Days 0-3): The weather forecast for Mount Baldy (Arizona) is: Mostly dryFreeze-thaw conditions (max 2°C on Sun night, min -5°C on Tue afternoon)Winds increasing (calm on Sun afternoon, gales from the WSW by Tue afternoon). Snow Forecasts beyond two days ahead are subject to significant change and variable reliability. Vehicle access is restricted in this area, so hunters should be prepared to operate on foot. Maps:Mt. This campground is limited to campers with horses or stock animals. The Mount Baldy Wilderness is part of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. Baldy Wilderness is $5 and available at Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest headquarters (520-333 … Gabaldon Campground is situated amid spruce trees at the foot of the Mount Baldy Wilderness. As Mount Baldy is sacred to the Apache, we make this point the turn around. Mount Baldy may be the highest point in the White Mountains and the fifth-highest point in the state with a summit elevation of 11,409 feet. Mount Baldy is the 7th highest point in Arizona, and the highest mountain not in the vicinity of Humphreys Peak. The Mount Baldy Wilderness is located 45 miles east of Show Low in the 11,000-foot-high White Mountains, and is accessed by paved Arizona highways 260 and 273. Please respect the Apache culture and resist the temptation to continue to the peak. Mt. Five minutes later, you’ll enter the Mount Baldy Wilderness. Baldy Wilderness to Apache Reservation is rather subtle, with a sign hammered to a tree and a yellow boundary marker (pictures below). Mt. You’ll get your first glimpse of the water after about 15 minutes. Viewing: 1-1 of 1. Baldy Wilderness Area - Arizona Captain George Wheeler, who surveyed much of the American Southwest in the 1870s, wrote that the view from Mount Baldy was "the most magnificent and effective of any among the large number that have come under my observation." With a summit elevation of 11,409 feet (3,477 m), the peak of Mount Baldy rises above the tree line and is left largely bare of vegetation, lending the mountain its current name. Baldy Wilderness Area contains many small drainages and aspen stands where mule deer can be found. Mount Baldy (Western Apache: Dził Łigai White Mountain) is a mountain in eastern Arizona in the United States. The campground is named for Juan Gabaldon, who retired from the Forest Service after working on many of the trails in the area. Baldy summit is located on White Mountain Indian reservation land and is closed to all entry. Baldy Wilderness/Burro Mountain: Located west of State Hwy 273, the Mt.