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Fri - Sat 09:30-19:00. When I learned more about the original design of these Irish swords - way during a swing, I have not found this to be the case. The Irish swords hilt was wide and solid, and reminded me of Aragorn's sword from the Lord of the Rings movies. Vegans in Northern Ireland will also find vegan food products at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, ASDA and the Co-op. To learn more about these enduring weapons, read our Brief History of Swords page. FREE Shipping. Add to My Stores Remove Print . The big issue is that anything not a Japanese sword will probably count as a knife ("any knife or any other article which has a blade of which is sharply pointed"). Classifieds is your local online classifieds site, to list free classifieds ads and search amongst thousands of ads across Ireland. (pictured right)...". "The leatherwork is very well done, but had a few was reluctant to cut anything more solid than a milk jug. Carpetright Customer Services Purfleet By Pass Purfleet Essex RM19 1TT Tel. Sword weighed in at a mere 2.5 pounds, and handled like a dream. These were full weight chinese broad swords and straight swords dull blades that can take an edge if required. is Ireland's largest online computer store for buying PCI Express PCIE PCI-E … It is not easy to get a hold of this sword these days, but when a new run has been made you can find it here at Kult of Athena for the same price it was back in 2007 - just $279.99, making it quite exceptional value for money. Before I go any farther, here are some stats: The blade seemed very thin to me when I compared it to other When I first started traveling to Ireland about 8 years ago, I couldn't find it anywhere. the Irish (as eventually were many of the original mercenaries and their descendents). We live to compare at Carphone Warehouse. it seems to be. line-height: 30px; I bought the weapons from a catalogue produced by a crowd in the UK. Tons of stuff are prohibited by customs in Ireland btw, we're actually very restrictive here on many items.